"Synesthesia - a sensory crossover".
Acrylic on canvas, 70x50 cm


About Liv Wassum


"Liv has always been inspired by the natural world around her.

Her artwork reflects how she sees and experiences the world.

However, Liv did not start to create meaningful, beautiful, and provocative art until she had established herself in a different career path.
She is self-employed as a therapist, workshop facilitator and event speaker.
Liv found that she enjoys helping people live their best life as much as she enjoys painting. She balances both.

Liv has been painting for over 30 years.
She is highly respected and admired for her creative works. Her paintings show the interconnectedness of all things, and more specifically the role that we as human beings have in relation to nature, spirituality, and life itself.

Her artistic expression is further driven by a creative impulse propelled by motion, a sense of presence, and energy - initially creating shapes that subsequently reveal figurative features and at times tell stories.

At the heart of Liv´s art is her innate soul desire to create various forms of mythical, surreal, symbolic and narrative espressions. The way she does this is by connecting to the essence of things / subject matter, as well as their timelessness and presence.

Her goal is to express herself freely, while drawing inspiration from nature, the great masters, myths and fairytales, vedic art, spirituality and surrealism.

Ultimately for Liv, art is a doorway or portal that transports us to the veil where layers of consciousness dissolve to reveal what would otherwise seem invisible and impossible to communicate. Through art she communicates what is seen and unseen."

Cindy Urrutia, Ph.D.
Art Historian and Curator

Los Angeles, CA USA



If you are interessted in exhibiting Liv´s work or purchasing a piece, please contact her direcly:


Phone: + 47 9962 5546, or email: livwassum@gmail.com

Studio visits are available upon request.





- 1977-1978:     Finsrud Maleskole, Drøbak

- 1977-1980:     Diverse tegnekurs, Oslo

- 1995:              Vedic Art, Oslo

- 2000 - 2002:    Malekurs hos Sissel Schjerven og Jørn Vestad, Oslo

- 2005 - 2007:    Finsrud Akademiet, Drøbak

- 2010:               Elev av Reidun Falck, Oslo

- 2012 - 2014:    Elev av Elisabeth Frøberg, Drøbak

- 2013 - 2014:    Finsrud Akademiet, Drøbak

- 2015 - 2017:    Vedic Art fordypning, Øland

- 2019:               Vedic Art teacher training, Rondane

- 2023 - 2024:    Elev av Henriette Finne, Oslo 

- and autodidact.





- 2024:  Oslofjorden kunstgalleri, Drøbak (august 2024)

- 2018:  Søstrene Fryd, Ålesund

- 2016:  Wellbeing Festival, Oslo

- 2015:  Drammen Sacred Music Festival, Drammen





- 2024:  Asker kunstforening, Asker

- 2024:  Heggedal Hovedgaard, Heggedal

- 2020:  Grini Gård, Bærum

- 2016:  Oslofjorden Kunstgalleri, Drøbak

- 2015:  Galleri Finsrud, Drøbak

- 2014:  Galleri D6, Ås

- 2014:  Galleri Varmbadet, Drøbak


Art opens doorways.
Obstacles and veil between the layers of consciousness dissolves.
Symbolism, the language of the soul, and archetypes are in their natural element.
Art reveals what is invisible and not possible to communicate.